Physical Education

Mr. Caleb Yaeger

[email protected]

843-782-0015 ext. 20605




All students at Northside Elementary will be provided with skills and knowledge regarding many types of physical activity as well as healthy living. Students will continue to understand the value of teamwork and using physical activity as a means of enjoyment and self-expression.  Always ask your children what they have learned in P.E. each week and encourage them to be active at home. 

Since students are active during PE, please help ensure the safety of your students by making sure they wear proper ‘PE’ shoes (tennis shoes, sneakers, etc) on their designated PE day. When they wear other shoes that slide or make it difficult for them to participate in activities, they have to sit out for safety reasons.

Also, students learn a variety of different skills and sports that require equipment, such as different kinds of balls, cones, jump ropes, hula hoops, etc. If you have any kind of sports equipment laying around that you do not use anymore and would like to donate to our PE program here at Northside, please contact Coach Yaeger.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping create the best learning environment for your child, PE is going to be active and exciting this year! 

Mr. Yaeger's Bio:


I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and moved to South Carolina in 2019 where my career in teaching physical education began.


I have been playing sports my entire life and love the challenges, culture, and enjoyment it brings. Some of my favorites are basketball, tennis, surfing, and skydiving.

Message to Parents:

Many people think P.E. is just about running and doing push ups and sit ups. 

We teach children the importance of living an active lifestyle by teaching them how to perform skills and why we do them by relating to other subjects and the outside world. 

Furthermore, we teach students sportsmanship, responsibility, and how to work as a team to accomplish a goal.


Message to Students:

P.E. is the only class where you get to move freely in open space! There are going to be many activities you may have never done before.If you keep trying, you can do all of them!