Gifted and Talented

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What is SPICE?

SPICE stands for Special Program Involving Challenges in Education. SPICE is the Colleton County School District’s program for academically gifted and talented students.


How are academically gifted and talented students served?

Elementary (3-5) – Pull out model, one day a week

Middle (6-8) – Special class-language arts or math

High – Honors classes


What are some characteristics of gifted students?

A gifted student may have one or more of these characteristics:

*Reads on the average two years above grade level

*Retains what he/she has heard or read without appearing to need much rote or drill

*Possesses a large vocabulary

*Demonstrates a curious and investigative nature

*Focuses intently on areas of interest


How can my child qualify for the academically gifted and talented program?

Identification is a multi-step process which consists of referral, screening, and assessment of eligibility by a district evaluation and placement team. The state of South Carolina has established three dimensions of giftedness as criteria for placement in the program. In order to qualify for placement, a student must meet the eligibility criteria in TWO of the following three dimensions:

  • Dimension A – Reasoning Abilities

A score at the 93rd national age percentile or higher on verbal/linguistic, quantitative/mathematical, nonverbal, and/ or a composite of the three on a nationally normed aptitude test.


  • Dimension B – High Achievement

A score at the 94th national percentile or higher on approved subtests (reading comprehension and/or mathematical concepts and problem solving) on a nationally normed achievement test


Advanced- level score on the reading portion of the PASS English language arts test and/or mathematics test.


94 percentile on reading and/or math MAP


  • Dimension C – Academic Performance

STAR Performance task test for students entering grades 3-5, who have met Dimension A or B

     GPA (93.75) in the academic disciplines for students entering grades 6-12

     who have met Dimension A or B            


Why should gifted students be taught differently?

Gifted and talented students possess learning characteristics and needs that differ from those of their chronological peers. They are more curious and prefer solving more complex problems than other students their age. These differences call for challenging educational opportunities in which gifted and talented students can learn with and from intellectual peers. Special programming and services are essential in order for gifted and talented students to maximize their potential.





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